Laurence Lancini appoints CEO

COO Salvatore Guardala appointed as CEO

This year Lancini Property Group celebrates 40 years in business. Over that time, the business has always looked to change when appropriate, in order to grow and improve. It has been a successful formula, and is staying with what has worked well as they look ahead to the future.

Lancini Property Group is delighted to announce that it has appointed Sal Guardala as Chief Executive Officer of the business. Sal has continually grown as a leader over the last 8 years, having successfully filled a number of roles within the business over that time, most recently as Chief Operating Officer. Sal is an emerging industry leader, and the team knows that he is the right choice and will make this new role a success too.

Owner and founder, Laurence Lancini has transitioned into the role of Executive Chairman, and will continue to work closely with Sal and the leadership team to ensure the continued growth and success of the business. Laurence will remain very active in the business, and made this change in title to recognise the importance of the new CEO position, and to support the success of Sal in that position.

Laurence stated that, “This is an exciting time for us, as we are currently working on 3 major shopping centre developments as we head into our fifth decade in business.  These developments will be led by Tomas Lancini, our Group Development Manager.  We have also made some other internal changes within our business to ensure that we are equipped and ready for growth as we deliver these important projects.

 We are making these changes to position the business so that it is ready for the growth which is ahead of us, as we look ahead to future milestones, but we will not be changing our focus away from what has worked well for us to date.”

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